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Daz Kids
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K4 Cute Dance -25%

K4 Cute Dance

This is the perfect and cute dancer outfit for Daz Kids 4 Includes: -conforming suit -conforming collar -conforming tutu -conforming shoes -conforming cuffs -chibi and other kids morphs included   ..

$5.99 $4.49

K4 Cute Dress -25%

K4 Cute Dress

Req. Poser 6, Kids 4 from Daz3d Includes: -Conforming Dress -Conforming Shoes -Morphs (thin, heavy, dolly, chibi, realistic) -Skirt Adjustment morphs Make the cute Kids look even cutter!   ..

$5.00 $3.75

K4 Nena Dress -25%

K4 Nena Dress

Req. Poser 6, Kids 4 from Daz3d Includes: -conforming dress with morphs -3 style mats   ..

$0.99 $0.74

Kamelian Earrings -25%

Kamelian Earrings

Requires: Poser 6 and up Girls need some cute stuff.. So this time we bring you Kamelian Earrings-Collection Baby. This pack will work on Kids 4, V4 , cookie. Also with other figures with some adjustments because are smart prop earrings! Includes: -13 earring options -Smart prop ear..

$5.00 $3.75

Kennedy Dress -25%

Kennedy Dress

Requires: Poser 6, Daz3d Kids 4   Includes: conforming dress with many skirt morphs Hi Quality Texture     Get Kennedy in a bundle and save 20%  HERE ..

$0.99 $0.74

Kids 4 Fellow Outfit -25%

Kids 4 Fellow Outfit

Get this sweet outfit pack or Daz The Kids 4. Req. P6, Kids 4 Includes: -Conforming pants -Conforming Top -Conformig Cuffs ..

$0.99 $0.74

Kids 4 Play Clothes -25%

Kids 4 Play Clothes

Req.: Kids 4 Includes: -conforming shirt -confirming pants -morphs ..

$0.99 $0.74

Kids Casual Shirt

Requires: Poser 6 and up, Daz3d Kids 4   INCLUDES: 1 conforming skirt  hide/show collars utility (pose files) DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK HERE ..


Kids4 Aria Outfit -25%

Kids4 Aria Outfit

So pretty and innocent. She's the child everyone like to see. This Kids 4 outfit will add cutenes to your poser. Includes: -conforming top -conforming skirt -conforming shoes -smart prop hat ..

$0.99 $0.74

Kids4 Winter Clothes -25%

Kids4 Winter Clothes

Cutest winter clothes for this season! Included conforming pieces: -hat -top -pants -shoes ..

$0.99 $0.74

My Hat -25%

My Hat

This product is a pro with morphs and can be adjusted to all your characters. Includes: -prop hat Already adjusted hats for: V4, Cookie, Kids 4, Lil Bit, Star, Mavka -8 styles (mat files) ..

$6.99 $5.24

Santa's Helper Booties Mega Pack -25%

Santa's Helper Booties Mega Pack

Req. Poser 6 This is a Huge Pack! The original Booties are to Victoria 4, but we decided to expand this amazing pack for many other figures. As bonus we include Booties for: -V4 -Kiki -Chip -Cookie -Gumdrops -Makva -Kids 4 -Skye Includes Also: -4 bell mats -10 ..

$6.99 $5.24

Sweet Kids Vol 1 -25%

Sweet Kids Vol 1

This cute pack is awesome for those renders with beautiful details. Includes: - default textures (male of female) - 6 mask options -3 girl mu options -7 eye colors -5 lash options (no morphs included, so you can use this pack with your favorite kids 4 morphs)   ..

$5.99 $4.49

Wild Valentine Collar -25%

Wild Valentine Collar

One collar... many figures..3 styles This pack includes: -collar prop (smart prop) for all the figures: V4 Girls, Mavka, Cooke, Lil Bit, Kiki, Chip, Kids 4 - 3 Collar Style ( as poser material files) ..

$5.99 $4.49