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Free Kiki Madela Mats

Req. Kiki Madela utfit HERE Includes: -1 complete mats for this cute outfit! Enjoy! ..


Free Kiki Tressy Mats

Req. Kiki Tressy Outfit HERE   Inludes: - 2 testures for the dress -1 texture for the boots Enjoy! Happy Holidays!   ..


Ichiro Casuals -25%

Ichiro Casuals

Req. Poser 6, Ichiro 2 Includes: -conforming pants -conforming shirt -conforming sandals -smart prop hat ..

$0.99 $0.74

Ichiro Sparef Clothes -25%

Ichiro Sparef Clothes

Req. P6, Ichiro -conforming pants -conforming vest/top -conforming boots -conforming forearms   ..

$0.99 $0.74

Kiki Aria Outfit -25%

Kiki Aria Outfit

Get this cute style for Kiki. Brilliant colors and versatile outfit. Req. Poser 6, KIKI Includes: -3 conforming pieces: outfit, shins, shoes ..

$3.99 $2.99

Kiki Bella Outfit -25%

Kiki Bella Outfit

R. Poser6, KIKI Includes: -conforming pants -conforming top -conforming shoes ..

$2.99 $2.24

Kiki Berry -25%

Kiki Berry

Req. P6 , Kiki by Littlefox Includes: -conforming dress -conforming shoes ..

$2.99 $2.24

Kiki Caroline Outfit -25%

Kiki Caroline Outfit

Req. Poser 6, Kiki Includes: -conforming top -conforming pants -conforming shoes -conforming shins ..

$3.99 $2.99

Kiki Casuals -25%

Kiki Casuals

She is adorable and her closet never have enough! This pack includes: -conforming outfit -conforming shoes -smart prop diadem Req. Poser6, Kiki ..

$0.99 $0.74

Kiki Cute Poses -25%

Kiki Cute Poses

Req. Poser 6, KIKI Includes: -10 poses -1 zero pose ..

$1.99 $1.49

Kiki Cute Poses 2 -25%

Kiki Cute Poses 2

This is the second poses pack for Kiki Figure. A 10 delicate and very cute poses for your favorite toon! Inlcudes: -10 poses -1 neutral (zero pose) ..

$1.99 $1.49

Kiki Emilia Character -25%

Kiki Emilia Character

She's so magical and adorable. Gorgeous eyes and beautiful make ups, that you have to have her. Req. Poer 6, KIKI Includes: -7 mu options -5 lip colors -6 eye colors -inj/rem, options ..

$3.99 $2.99

Kiki Expressions 01 -25%

Kiki Expressions 01

Req. Poser 6, Kiki Includes: -10 expressions (pose files) -1 reset ..

$1.99 $1.49

Kiki Fairy -25%

Kiki Fairy

Req. Poser 6, Kiki by Littlefox Includes: -conforming outfit -confrorming shoes -smart prop wings   ..

$2.99 $2.24

Kiki Gang Pretty Eyes 01 -25%

Kiki Gang Pretty Eyes 01

Req. Poser6, from Littlefox: kiki or koshini2 or kit or ichiro 2 Includes: -10 beautiful eye mats that works on any of these pals! This is not a Merchants Resource! ..

$2.99 $2.24

Kiki Gloves -25%

Kiki Gloves

Elegance and style is what Kiki need with this versatile gloves. Includes: -conforming long gloves -3 colors -show/hide hand utility -short glove utility ..

$3.99 $2.99

Kiki Madela -25%

Kiki Madela

Req. P6, KIKI Includes: -conforming dress -conforming leg warmers/socks -conforming shoes -smart prop hat ..

$2.99 $2.24

Kiki Pretty Dress -25%

Kiki Pretty Dress

Req. Poser 6, Kiki Includes: -conforming dress w morph s and handle -conforming over skirt w morphs and handle -conforming shoes -conforming forearms -great textures ..

$2.99 $2.24

Kiki Santa's Helper -25%

Kiki Santa's Helper

Req. P7, Kiki Includes: -confrming boots -conforming outfit -smart prop hat Hat is smart prop and will need to scale and adjust if you use hair. ..

$2.99 $2.24

Kiki Shelly Outfit -25%

Kiki Shelly Outfit

Versatile and unique outfit for the lovely Kiki Figure. Don't miss this complete outfit Includes: -dress w morphs -boots -smart prop earrings ..

$3.99 $2.99

Kiki Tressy Outfit -25%

Kiki Tressy Outfit

Req. P6, Kiki Includes: -conforming dress -conforming boots -conforming cuffs Promo Credits: Kiki Gang Pretty Eyes 01 HERE ..

$0.99 $0.74

Kiki Witch -25%

Kiki Witch

She's so cute and spooky! Get this Halloween outfit for Kiki! Includes: -conforming dress w morphs -conforming shoes -smart prop hat (big and small) -broom  prop ..

$0.99 $0.74

Santa's Helper Booties Mega Pack -25%

Santa's Helper Booties Mega Pack

Req. Poser 6 This is a Huge Pack! The original Booties are to Victoria 4, but we decided to expand this amazing pack for many other figures. As bonus we include Booties for: -V4 -Kiki -Chip -Cookie -Gumdrops -Makva -Kids 4 -Skye Includes Also: -4 bell mats -10 ..

$6.99 $5.24

Toon Hair Prop 01 FREE

Get this cute hair for your favorite toons. This Hair 01 fit perfectly to Kiki, but you can scale and adjust to any other figure. Includes: -Hair prop without morphs ..


Wild Valentine Collar -25%

Wild Valentine Collar

One collar... many figures..3 styles This pack includes: -collar prop (smart prop) for all the figures: V4 Girls, Mavka, Cooke, Lil Bit, Kiki, Chip, Kids 4 - 3 Collar Style ( as poser material files) ..

$5.99 $4.49